Who Am I?

Who am I_This is a big question. A big ONE.

My name? Olivia. [liv, olli, for my friends]. Who am I? I’m a writer and a traveler.


My job? I’m a journalist who has studied architecture or an architect who writes.

My past? I’ve a Master’s Degree in History and Philosophy and a Master’s Degree in Architecture. I developed my expertise is in Energy Saving, International Environmental Law, Urban Planning and Sustainable Water Management. As an architect I trust in sustainable living, as a historian in human development and in cooperation.

My present? My favorite authors and my points are Carl Gustav Jung, Isaac Asimov, Kipling, Ernest Heminguay, Arthur Rimbaud. I love Andy Wharol, Woody Allen, Robert Heinlein, Hogart, Moebius and Rildley Scott. Rildley Scott, Arthur Rimabaud. I think that David Foster Wallace was a real genius as Philip K. Dick. I’m a creative, that’s why I’m free. I believe in freedom, in love, to be wild at heart. I believe in serendipity, I believe in Jung, I think that Shakespeare was a genius as Einstein, and I’m studying the quantum fisic to find a door in the universe. My favorite flower is Rose and ivy. I play guitar and I like honey (sweets and candies and potatoes as well). My favorite sports are trout fishing, hiking, shooting, climbing and kung fu. I like reading and dreams. My favorite studies are Philosophy, History and zoology.

My intention? I intend to travel and write. Where am I? I’m gone walkabout.


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