VI – Smell of cinnamon and cloves under the full moon

Now, where was I? 

I was talking about….yes, I fell asleep in my little bungalow without unpacking my bag. I slept 12 hours, I have never slept more than about 12 hours straight. When I opened my eyes I saw the sun trying to get through the small windows but I didn’t have the strength to get out of bed. I was focusing on what was going wrong in my life, that’s the reason of my excessive sleeping. But if you can’t face your life, then who can? As soon as you tell yourself you “can’t,” you must. I turned on my back and stared at the ceiling beams.

I thought when I arrived on Christmas 2009 in Bangkok14Hour Direct Flight from Milan, after all the flights that day were canceled. I was trying to figure out if there is a destiny in life or something like that. Anyway, that day, December 23, in the north of Italy, there was a snowstorm and one meter of snow everywhere. 

Fate certainly is a tricky little bugger and was bearing me, because on my flight, the only one that flyed off, near my place there was a beautiful girl of 3 or 4 years old, she has never stopped a second crying, coughing and jumping on the seat. Thanks to herat  the Suvarnabhumi Airport I bought "The of Gordon Stewart Northcott case " a famous serial child killer in Riverside County.


That day I was about to see my great love, I was counting the minutes, counting the hours, counting the seconds. In my diary all the indications to reach our hotel were well written.

When I met Luigi for the first time I felt a strong feeling of something familiar to me, but undefined. The only thing that came to my mind when I spoke to him was “Everywhere you go man you bring on the shoulders always yourself” Oh my god! I didn’t know that Luigi was a traveler, I didn’t know that he was escaping from something in his life [maybe like me], and telling the truth I was not even convinced that I liked him, but there was something about him attracting me like, you know, the positive pole and the negative pole, [something like that]. Are we destined to meet the people who come into our lives? Maybe it is a part of a “BigPlan” established before we came into the world. Like the Persian fairy tale The Three Princes of Serendip, whose heroes “were always making discoveries, by accidents and sagacity, of things they were not in quest of”. But Luigi was more, he was getting out form my toughts directly, like the genie of the lamp, maybe.


At that time I was suffering for a love story that was taking too long, and when my boyfriend at the end asked me to marry him I was still, looking at him with my mouth very open. My mind was already over and I didn’t understand what he was asking to me or why.

After that I’ve fallen into a deep reading, every kinds of books, especially science fiction. In times of personal crisis I always do something like painting, reading, writing, sports, all one-way, forgetting everything else. That book! The book I was reading was a teenagers book, a love story spiced with vampires, werewolves and others stuff, but I was empathizing with the main characters, feeling the same emotions, the same fears and the same desires. And I wished that enigmatic boy with blue eyes and a very dark look came into my life, as it was. And so it was. And so it happened.

Kendua Beach

I started to think to have launched a request to the universe. You know it works in the same way for the law of attraction, isn’t it ironic? The fact is that the universe had satisfied me, even though it took me a month to kiss the man of my book, sorry, of my dreams. For me he was, but everyone was agree, cause his red broken pick up and his dirty clothes, that he was definetly a serial killer. And one night I fell in love with him. Got on his gorgeous red pick up he gave me a package wrapped in newspaper, tied with a kitchen string. “It ‘a loan,” he said. I thought that he was so poor that he couldn’t buy a new one for me. [So lovely]. “It will keep you company while I am away”. The next day he left for Bali.


So, I was thinking about all these things when someone knocked on my door. Alex was asking me if everything was ok and told me that we were going to relax in Kendua Beach. Kendua is located 3 km from Nwngui and there is the Kendua Rocks Hotel, strongly recommended me by my friend Mike, known in Bali.

Kendwa Rocks

The rooms are surrounded by coconut trees and lush tropical gardens, and for the acomodation you can choose a spacious suite or a bungalow. In this place you can fishing, snorkeling, kayaking, or diving, you can play volleyball and football as well. You can visit ruins and caves or the natural aquarium, have a cooking course or a spice tour. Everything.

You can visit ruins and caves or the natural aquarium, have a cooking course or a spice tour. Everything.When I saw the beach the first time I didn’t say a word, a huge tropical beach that emerges from the blue and turquoise Indian Ocean


The sand is white and thin, as the talcum powder. I still remember the first dip in the water, that feeling of freshness broken by the intense heat of the burning sun. I look at the beach is very wide, mainly because of the low tide.

Here high tides and low tides alternate every 6 hours, and at low tide, when the water recedes for hundreds of meters it is impossible to swim but you can see the sandbanks: small and big crabs running fast on the wet sand and starfishes with the rainbow’s color, an unforgettable experience.


A short time ago Zanzibar was a popular destination for backpackers, those that track the sun all the year, but looking around I found that has become a eco-chic destination . Five-star resort, spa, pool villas. Nothing is missing. Suddenly a young beach boy approach me and I can feel a strong smell of cinnamon, cloves mixed with sweat. I smile and close my eyes. I lie in the sun. I’m tired. I don’t want to run. The moon is full tonight, maybe I’m lucky enough to dance at the full moon’s party.

Kendwa_Rocks_by_Peter_Bennett_IMG_2225Here a full moon’s party, one of the best around the world,  is organized every month since 1996, and attracts a big crowd of people, locals as well as guests from as far as Dar-es-Salaam. Usually on Saturday, but not always. There is a delicious food, amazing acrobats, drum&dance groups in african style, fire eaters and dance music up to late. That’s all for the first day.


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